Dale Carnegie


life: 1888-1955

The Art of Public Speaking  1915 // Public Speaking The Standard Course of the United YMCA  1921 /// How to Win Friends and Influence People  1937 // How to Stop Worrying and Start Living // Lincoln the Unknown // Five Minute Biographies // Little Known Facts About Well Known People // Public Speaking and Influencing Men in Business (also known as How to Develop Self-Confidence and Influence People by Public Speaking or Public Speaking for Success )

Additional Published Books

1938: How to Get Ahead in the World Today ;

1936: The Little Golden Book (later renamed The Golden Book) ;

1946: How to Put Magic in the Magic Formula ;

1947: A Quick and Easy Way to Learn to Speak in Public. (later combined as Speak More Effectively, 1979) ;

1952: How to Make Our Listeners Like Us.[26] (later combined as Speak More Effectively, 1979) ;

1959: How to Save Time and Get Better Results in Conferences (later renamed Meetings: Quicker & Better Results) ;

1960: How to Remember Names (later renamed as Remember Names) ;

1965: The Little Recognized Secret of Success (later renamed Live Enthusiastically) ;

1979: Apply Your Problem Solving Know How

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